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The ijsvogel is located in very beautifully restored (still working) watermill in a nature reserve in Arcen! (Dutch Limburg, about 12km from Venlo) An old watermill relieves here that there are 2 crafts in the house. That of the miller & the distiller! The distillery that is present in this very old mill is used to boil alcohol and beer. They are specialists in the manufacture of liqueurs and a ripened corn wine, which is oak barrels.There will be more than 60! Different jenevers, herbs bitters and liqueurs made. But we’re gonna have it today about their Gin … The ijsvogel Gin! 🙂 This Gin from Dutch Limburg is a “Double Distilled Gin”, so a 2 times distilled Gin. This basic alcohol is based on barley.

Additionally, 15 different botanicals are added to this  Gin such as:

  • Juniper
  • Blueberry
  • Cardamom
  • Rhubarb
  • Citrus

This Gin has a ABV of 39%! 🙂

The still working watermill & distillery in Arcen!

Tasting Note

What strikes me immediately is that this Gin is heavily leaning to a whiskey/bourbon flavor.
The smell of oak is very present to me, he also has a “malt” nose for me.
In addition, the odor is sure to observe rhubarb! (Bit of acid)
Also in taste he reminds me of an “eau de vie” with creamy timber of wood, and there is a floral show on the back. Also absolutely the sweetest (whatever the barley again Ice cream) and the malt taste is present. The citrus is present (lemon, grapefruit) but the rhubarb and certainly the cardamom mark you to the end where he has the “heat” but still ends dry! In addition, I suppose to observe rosemary … If you leave the glass for a while, there is a gentle beer smell.

Gin & Tonic

Then looking for and nice combination for this Gin from Arcen! To make the beautiful wood tones not too much and this Gin to be self-evident, I would go for a rather neutral Tonic. Type Thomas Henry, Fever Tree Indian of Aqua Monaco … It is therefore this first-mentioned Tonic that I’m going to use for the kingfisher gin! Now I think that you could easily drink them too. No heavy alcohol flavor or excessive gin, the 39% certainly has something to do with it. He stays pretty soft! So I use the Thomas Henry Tonic to complete this G & T. As a garnish it is recommended to use apple & blue currant. What is very complementary to this gin. I opted for a dried slice of grapefruit and some cardamom peultjes. (Certainly, the cardamom seeds knead before you add them to the glass, providing more flavor and aroma)


This gin is a tad different because of his “aged” feeling he gives. I like him, but would recommend him more for the fall and winter nights. Full & aromatic is not particularly fresh & fruity. I would like to thank Pieter of Kingfisher for the great opportunity to test this crafty Gin! 🙂

Cheers, Glenn – In_To_Gin

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