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Niemand Dry Gin

Today i’ll discuss one of many German Gins in my personal collection! (I have 262 bottles at home
This beautiful bottle from Hannover, Germany is a true beauty!
I spoke to both gentlemen (Sebastian Otto & Torben Paradiek) at Venuez 17in Antwerp and I was impressed by both gentlemen …
The passion and knowledge was overwhelming!
After a 15min conversation, we all concluded that it was time to taste and take this bottle home for further “research”!

The Niemand Dry Gin is distilled in a small distillery in Hanover, Germany.
The typical London Dry Gin captivates with a fresh floral note, brought about by the 3 elementary botanicals lavender, sandalwood and rosemary.
Fine notes of apple, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, vanilla, pine nuts and juniper round off their Niemand Dry Gin.

The award-winning premium gin from Germany surprises with a flowery, fresh character.
The multi-faceted flavor complexity is made of 10 handpicked botanicals.
Although I can understand that the prominent presence of the lavender could be a bit overwhelming.
(Very prominent)
And i have to honestly say that it’s on the verge for me…
At the smell you will especially notice the lavender and rosemary.
When tasted there is the apple and rosemary that emphasize the sandalwood in this Dry Gin!

ABV: 46%

My personal Perfect Serve:
– 5cl Niemand Dry Gin
– 20cl Franklin&Sons Indian Tonic Water
– 2 slices of dried Apple

A great combination! 🙂


Glenn – In_To_Gin


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