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Sir Edmond Gin


“For Flamingos who do not want to fit in but want to go for their own story”
That’s the story about this Sir Edmond Gin. The creator of this Gin is actually born & raised on the island of Réunion. (Overseas department of France, east of Madagascar and west of Mauritius) Coincidentally or not the Vanilla capital of the world.
He always saw himself within the community as an “outer leg” and that also translated into this Sir Edmond Gin.
So he eventually reached Amsterdam, a city that was just the same thing like him. The truth is him in the adventure, a good Gin is only half the story. His moto is always: Be yourself and be unique, be free as a bird.
About the Gin, the story goes as follows, 5 raw botanicals are started. There has been a lot of thinking and testing in advance of more than a year. But the main botanical is the Vanilla, which takes you on an adventure through your nose and mouth! It is therefore the first Gin in the world to infiltrate Vanilla, giving him a unique place in the world of Spirits!
When you translate “Edmond”, you will come to the word protector, which brings me to the next. This Sir Edmond Gin is more than a special Gin, as well as contributing to the life of the animals in Africa. Each bottle sold sells pieces to protect these animals. A noble goal !!
This Gin has an ABV of 40% and is handed to North Star Spirits BV in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is distilled from Juniper, Cinnamon, Ginger and Angelica and then infused with Vanilla.

Tasting Note

The first smell is one of softness and warmth. (In the cozy sentence of the word!) The Vanilla is already playing the first violin followed by the ginger and the cinnamon. Even though he also has an orange marmalade-like smell for me …
In taste, this softness goes on even though this Sir Edmond has more of his character. Gently runs in with a stimulus on the front of the tongue and the necessary heat through the cinnamon to the end. But the end (finish) is pretty dry! All this is splendidly carried by the Vanilla who plays so beautifully between them. To the finish and far beyond, the Vanilla will keep you playing! I like him …

Gin & Tonic

As for this Sir Edmond Gin and Tonic, you can make beautiful combinations. He himself is presented with a Premium Tonic and as a garnish a cinnamon stick with a singe of orange. What makes him all right and I must say he’s heavenly! 🙂
Que Garnering, I would not change this G & T to anything, to make me forget the complexity of this Gin. The Tonic I have chosen for this goddrink is Franklin & Sons Indian Tonic … A somewhat softer Tonic that makes it playful. As a garnish, I choose the cinnamon stick with a dried Mineola dish … (crossing a tangerine and a grapefruit, sweet with a sour edge)
Mineola has a finer taste for me than an orange juice. What a beautiful fit for this soft almost creamy Gin.

Mineola or Tangelo


A Gin like no other & that’s what you’ll say more often, but this Dutch topper is just that little bit different … The marmalade scent is combined with Vanille’s sword. The full, round taste with the stimulus on the front with the nice “heat” to the end. And then the Vanilla to keep everything together and keep you tuned for a long time!
I would say, you want something different than any other Gins who can buy anywhere without getting too special or weird! Then you have to buy Sir Edmond Gin & enjoy it as he intended.
Sir Edmond Gin, a Gin coming in my personal top 10 … And that with 243 bottles means more than you would think!
Finally, I would like to thank Sir Edmond Gin for this great opportunity to test and enjoy this Gin … 🙂 I was really pleased!
Glenn – In_To_Gin

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