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Elephant London Dry Gin & Elephant Strenght Gin Review

Today we present you the range from one of our all-time favorite gins, Elephant gin. When we started this page half a year ago, the regular Elephant gin was the first one to appear on our Instagram. And even though we tasted over 100 other gins now, we still think that this one is absolutely phenomenal.

Even though the gin is made in Germany, this gin is full of African flavors. The idea for an African-inspired gin evolved while reminiscing about the so-called ‘sundowner’ drinks after a day out in the South African bush . They thought that mixing some South-African botanicals with more traditional botanicals would create a very interesting premium gin (and yes, that’s for sure). The gin contains 45% alcohol and comes in bottles of 50 cl. Each batch contains 800 bottles and each batch is named after an elephant which they try to protect, which gives your bottle a personal touch.

To make the Elephant gin, they used 14 botanicals Buchu, Boabab, Lion’s tail, Devil’s claw and African wormwood from South-Africa, Baobab from Malawi, Apple from Germany, Juniper from certain cities in Europe, Ginger from China, Mountain pine from Austria, Orange peel from Spain, Pimento berries from Mexico, Lavender, Cassia bark and Elderflower.

The producers of this gin (Robin and Tessa) are very passionate about elephants and their protection and believe that we are responsible for the support of these African animals. That’s why 15% of their profit goes to the charity “Big Life Foundation and Space for Elephants”. – An extra reason to but these wonderful gins!

Next to the regular Elephant gin, you can also but the Elephant Sloe gin and new in the range is the Elephant Strength gin. In this one they use the same 14 botanicals, but has an ABV of 57%. More information about the production and meaning of the bottle, … can be found on their website . Tomorrow we’ll bring you some serves of the Elephant gin range.

Now we present you some serves of the Elephant gin range.

Starting off with the regular Elephant gin:

  • 5 cl Elephant gin
  • 15 cl Indi tonic water
  • A slice of dried apple and juniper berries
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)

Next is the serve of the Elephant Strength gin:

  • 5 cl Elephant Strength gin
  • 15 cl Aqua Monaco Tonic water
  • Ginger and a dried orange wheel

We love to drink Elephant gin as well neat as in a gin-tonic, and it’s perfect for a sunny day like this. Hopefully you like our serves. Let us know how you prefer the Elephant gin. Haven’t got these in your collection yet? Soon the online shop will be open on, but in Belgium you can also find it in your regular grocery store.


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