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Hannibal Gin

Hannibal Gin

After several gin-reviews of my colleagues at G&, as well as some private gin-tastings, I am now writing my first public review of a gin. I would like to start with the latest addition to my little gin-collection: Hannibal Gin.


Hannibal Gin is a gin from Germany, more precisely it comes from Pfungstadt in the South of Hesse. The gin is bottled at 47% ABV and is currently offered as a 0.5 liter bottle as well as a 0.2 liter miniature. The „Brennerei Herbert“ is the manufacturer and also responsible for the distribution of the gin. For example, the Gin can be purchased at the in-house local store or – of course – online.
Hannibal Gin is made with high-quality herbs, roots and fruit, e.g. Coriander, cumin, rosemary, cinnamon, carnation, vanilla, as well as jasmine blossoms. But I will tell you more about this later.
Herbert Freitag, owner of a fruit juice factory and a distillery for German ‘Obstler’, had the idea of producing his own gin in 2014. In the summer of 2015 Herbert Freitag died unexpectedly and inherited the company to his family. The son Maximilian Freitag took the idea to create an own gin including the management of the distillery in autumn of 2015. In the search for the right name Maximilian Freitag remembered the father’s beer name from times of an old student connection: “Hannibal”.

Hannibal-Gin: Design & presentation

Hannibal GinThe Hannibal Gin was delivered in a white cardboard box with Hannibal logo. In the box I could find a safely packed 0.5 liter bottle of the gin, as well as a small bag of real jute with the Hannibal logo on it.
The design of the bottle with the black bottle-label and white letters is both noble and minimalistic at the same time. The highlights on the label are made with silver foil embossing. The bottle is a typical gin-bottle of white glass. The bottle is sealed with a wooden handle cork. A beautiful detail is the branded elephant logo on the cork. In addition to the gin bottle and the jute bag, I also found two Gin-Tonic recipes in the box, small stickers, as well as a branded match pack. All in all, the Hannibal bottle, especially the illustrated elephant in the black and white look, is a stylish eye-catcher in the domestic gin shelf.


Maximilian Freitag told me that the following herbs, roots and fruit are used in the distillation:

“From coriander to cumin and rosemary. To cinnamon, carnation and vanilla as well as jasmine blossoms. For the freshness comes a relatively large proportion of fresh lemon peel in each batch. Cardamom, licorice and violet root are also added. The rest is a secret.”

Taste of the Hannibal Gin

Let’s finally get to the delicious part of the review. I tasted the gin both pure at room temperature, as well as a gin-tonic according to a recipe of the manufacturer.
Pure I have poured about 1cl of the unchilled Gin into a Nosing-Glas to try this.


Rosemary is clearly the focus here. This is followed by juniper notes and light citrus aromas. After I knew which botanicals are used in the production, I could also recognize further notes.

Taste (pure):

The first drop of Gin tasted directly spicy. Also here, in my opinion, one quickly recognizes rosemary and juniper in the background. After a short time cardamom and vanilla are also recognizable. The gin is noticeably sharp due to its 47% alcohol content, but in my opinion has no note of unpleasant tastable alcoholic strength. How the gin tasted in combination with a tonic water I report below in the section “Tasting Serve”.

Price / buy Hannibal Gin online

Before we deal with the Hannibal as Gin-Tonic, I would like to report on the price of the Gin. In the Hannibal-Gin online shop, the Gin is a 0.5 liter bottle available for currently 35, – EUR incl. VAT. It can be shipped. Thus the literary price is logically priced at 70, – € and is priced at a level similar to many German gins, e.g. The Monkey 47 from the Black Forest.

Hannibal Gin meets Raspberry

Hannibal Gin meets Raspberry
  • Als Tonic Water empfehlen wir: Goldberg Tonic Water oder Fever-Tree "Mediterranean" Tonic Water
last update on: 20.02.2019 at 13:31 o'clock.

Tasting-Serve: Hannibal Gin & Tonic Water

Hannibal Gin
The present owner of the company gave me two gin-tonic recipes in the form of postcards in my box. These are the official Perfect-Serve suggestions from the distillery. For my first tasting with Hannibal-Gin I chose the spicy Mediterranean version with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, Rosemary & Fresh Pepper.

The “Hannibal Herbal” recipe:

Hannibal Herbal Gin Rezept

  • 4cl Hannibal-Gin
  • afpprox. 160ml Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic
  • A sprig of rosemary
  • 6 grains of black pepper
  • ice cubes

Personally I think that the combination with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic works well. The Gin-Tonic has a nice freshness and at the same time a spicy note. However, I would not add a fresh rosemary, since this over-augments the existing rosemary note of the gin in a too dominant way. It is difficult to taste other flavors when the rosemary is so dominant. I removed the fresh rosemary branch quickly and then I could enjoy the rest of the Gin-Tonic even more. Compared to the pure variant, in my opinion, the combination with Tonic-Water also brings out the lemon-peel significantly better.

Conclusion / personal opinion

The gin has a really multi-faceted taste, but for me it should have a little less rosemary. All in all I found it to be a very high-quality taste experience. It reminds me of ‘Niemand Gin’ from Hanover. The Hannibal Gin-Tonic has tasted very good, and even better after a slight adaptation of the recommended set. Next time I will try the fruity version with fresh raspberries. Here I think, the fine spicy gin can score even more. The price is not surprising, due to the quality of the production of the gin and also the attention to detail in the design of the bottle.

So if you are a fan of spicy gins and do not have an aversion for rosemary, I can recommend Hannibal Gin from Hesse very much. I am pleased to welcome this Gin in my collection and I would like to express a special thanks to Maximilian Freitag for the Gin made available to me.

With this in mind,

Fabian Becker

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Gin-Tonic-Lover from Germany and owner of bekalabs Webmedien, an Web-Agency for Websites and Onlineshops

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