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Hentho – Pink Edition

Interested in some new gin? A fantastic gin from Belgium? Well here it is! Hentho the pink edition. A lot of you may already know Hentho, because they already have 2 gins in their range; The Hentho gin and the Hentho Noah edition. You can find the review of the Hentho Noah edition on our Instagram Account. In the future we will review the normal Hentho, but it’s always nicer to show you some new things!

The Pink edition is something totally new, something you wouldn’t expect from Hentho! Just by looking at the bottle and thinking about something floral and sweet, but that’s not how this gin tasted.

They wanted something floral, but not that much, so they used a pepper to give the gin more power, that kind of power that I like very much! And yes I know you would think that this is a gin for the ladies because of the pink, but if you’re man enough you definitely try this one. For the botanicals they used vanilla, almond, orris root and notes of elderflower, but the timut pepper gives it a lovely spice. The gin comes in bottles of 50 cl and contains 44% of alcohol. We had a great time at the Global Spirits Expo, and were very happy that we’ve finally met Hendrick and Thomas in person. Father and son are both very passionate about their products, which is very inspiring to see. They told us a lot about their gins and how they produce them, which is nice because we love to hear the background stories about gins from the producers their selves.

How do we like to serve of the new Hentho gin “the Pink Edition”. We must admit that this gin is also very pleasant without a tonic, but when we do make a gin-tonic of this we recommend him with:

  • 5cl Hentho Pink Edition
  • 15 cl Fever Tree tonic
  • Juniper berries (to get a little bit more juniper, if you like that!)

During the Global Spirits, they served the gin with Syndrome Raw tonic and an espuma of the gin, tonic and pomegranate. Didn’t use the Syndrome tonic for our serve, because we think it’s to sweet for this amazing gin! 
We hope that you like it!


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