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Von Hallers Gin

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Today we are proud to present you a wonderful bottle of gin, named ‘Von Hallers gin’. A gin with hand picked botanicals from Germany and slow-distilled in Ireland. 😉


A special name for a special man “Albrecht Von Haller”. He believed passionately in the value of sharing knowledge and expertise. He made a legacy of inspiring excellence and that’s why they named this gin after him. It’s like a testament to the passion that Albrecht had.✍🏻

Design & Presentation:

The Von Hallers gin comes in a beautiful white box that gives this gin something extra. On the back of this box you can find some extra information about the botanicals, where the gin comes from and the name of the person who bottled this specific bottle.

The bottle itselves has a light blue color, I must be in heaven. on the back of the bottle you get some information about Albrecht v. Haller, there’s also a photo of him on the back.


The result is an extraordinary gin that is aromatic, distinctive and pure. They used a special botanical named “Halleria”. It’s a small thing that grows on a tree in Southern Africa. They are rich in nectar.
The gin comes in bottles of 50cl and has an ABV of 44%. 4 Botanicals used in this gin are: 👌🏼

  • Lemon
  • German ginger
  • Halleria lucida (tree fuchsia)
  • Juniper

Tasting Serve: Von Hallers Gin & Tonic:

A lovely gin needs a lovely serve right?

We combined this gin with a Fever-Tree indian tonic. A perfect combination that gives this gin a sweet touch. In the future I would love to try this one with Thomas Henry, maybe that combination is even better.

As garnish I used an orange-zest and some juniper berries. We are talking about perfection!

Enjoy this Gin&Tonic, enjoy your day, enjoy Von Hallers!

Gintasticbelgium 😋

Von Hallers Gin (1 x 0.5 l)

Von Hallers Gin (1 x 0.5 l)
  • Farbe: Klar.
  • Nase: Frisch, leicht fruchtig.
  • Geschmack: Wacholder, Noten von Zitrusfrüchten, Hauch von Ingwer, Zitronen.
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